Educator Development & Coaching


Development & Coaching

At Coordinated Education, we know that teachers are the most important resource

Are your teachers struggling?  Are they facing new challenges with student behavior, mental health, and/or students with disabilities?  We can help!  We will design a coordinated set of services for individual or groups of teachers so that they can address today's challenges.  From new teacher training and coaching to working with your grade level and department teams to build the knowledge and skills to help students engage respectfully in the classroom and bring joy back to learning.


Development & Coaching

It’s lonely at the top.  

Nearly 3 out of 4 principals have indicated a desire to leave the field within the next 5 years (1).  The need to support our talented leaders in order to serve our children best is pressing.  

Coordinated Education can work with principals and special education administrators 1:1 to provide support, problem solve, and help coordinate solutions to big and small challenges. 

We have tried and true systems that we can help you implement into your practice.  We offer in person and virtual options that fit into your hectic schedule. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


(1) NASSP Survey of America’s School Leaders and High School Students, 2022.