Coordinated Services for Happy, Calm & Productive Schools

 Our suite of services are designed to support principals, leaders, & teachers so that they can create safe, happy, and engaged school communities.

Struggling with Student Behavior and School Climate? 

Coordinated Education Can Help!

If you are struggling with problem behaviors, afternoons filled with responding to behavior and upset students, and staff at their wits end, you are not alone! 


Despite efforts to implement many best practices and heavy investment in new social emotional learning curricula,  educators are struggling more than ever to address student climate and behavior.


The pandemic appears to have accelerated a trend that began before 2020--siginficant increases in problematic student behavior in classrooms, hallways, lunchrooms, and recess yards, combined with a signifcant decline in coping ability and an increase in mental health difficulties.  

According to a recent national survey, 69% of educators say student mishbehavior has increased since the pandemic.(1)

We have coordinated solutions to these problems so that your entire community--adminstrators, teachers, staff, service providers, and students--can get back to the work of teaching and learning.

(1) Prothero, A. (2023, April 20). Education Week. Student behavior isn’t getting any better, survey shows.  

Student behavior and climate determines the focus of a school.  We can help improve student behavior so you can focus on student achievement. 

From programs to documentation and everything in between, we help leaders ensure excellence and compliance.

Teachers and leaders need support in addressing student needs--we help them move from new idea to implementation to ensure student success.