Why Coordinated?

 Schools are complex organizations that face complex problems.  Solutions that do not address this complexity do not work in the long term. We take time to listen and design services that will address your individual district, building, and classroom needs.   With nearly 20 years experience in special education and general education, in urban and suburban schools, we have seen it all and are ready to work with your school community!


At Coordinated Education, we provide solutions that bring together research-based practices, clear systems, and top-notch coaching to foster schools that are joyous, relaxed, and focused on learning.


Our Founder, Jane Steffen, M.S., M.Ed. is an experienced teacher, school adminstrator, and staff developer who is driven by a passion to make schools  happy, engaging, and safe spaces for all community members.  She began her long career in education as a self-contained special education teacher in New York City through Teach for America and has worked for nearly twenty years to improve educational experiences and outcomes for children in both urban and suburban districts.  

She believes that children and adults do their best when they are happy, calm, and respected.  She loves collaborating with others to create environments of respect and joy.  She is an experienced staff developer and adult educator and has taught graduate level education courses at Long Island University School of Education and trained new teachers through The New Teacher Project.   In addition, she is a  Nurtured Heart Approach® Certified Trainer and is certified in Practical Functional Assessment and Skill-Based Treatment for Severe Problem Behavior.